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Whether your an employer looking for great talent or a healthcare professional looking for your next job. We simplify everything for you.

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Find great jobs with SVS.

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We'll make your life easier.

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At SVS, we want to help you take your career to the next level. Have you always wanted to travel the country while working at top-quality healthcare jobs? Well, you have come to the right place. See how we can help you.

Why You'll Love Working With SVS

Access to a wide range of job opportunities

We work with numerous healthcare facilities, providing access to a diverse range of job opportunities across different specializations and locations.

Quick placement

With an extensive network of employers, SVS can often secure job placement quickly.

Tailored job matching

We'll use your qualifications, preferences, and career goals to match you with suitable positions, saving you time and effort in the job search process.

Assistance with credentials

SVS can assist with the credentialing process, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements for your desired position.

Support throughout the hiring process

From refining your resume to preparing for interviews, SVS can provide valuable support throughout the hiring process.

Opportunities for career growth

By exposing you to different roles and healthcare settings, working with a staffing company like SVS can provide valuable experiences and skills for career growth.

Temporary and permanent job opportunities

Whether you're looking for a flexible role or a permanent position, SVS offers a variety of job types to suit your needs.

Ongoing career support

Even after placement, we will continue to provide support, helping you navigate challenges and further your career.

“Great Teams Don’t Just Happen, They’re Created”.

If you want to build a great company, then you need great people. Luckily, we specialize in  healthcare staffing and can help you find high-quality candidates to enhance your team.

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At SVS Medical Staffing we make things simple. We provide you with the opportunities, resources, technology and support you need to grow your career. Traveling with SVS Medical Staffing is easy. We offer a straightforward approach to career development by providing you with ample opportunities, resources, technology, and support. You can trust us to simplify your career growth. We can help you find the perfect match. Whether you want to discover new destinations, enhance your resume, or make a difference where it’s most needed.

“Working as a travel nurse with SVS Medical Staffing has been an awesome experience. The company’s commitment to patient care and employee support is unparalleled. The flexibility and diversity in job locations have not only broadened my professional skills but also enriched my personal life. I would highly recommend SVS Health to any nurse seeking a fulfilling and adventurous career path.”

Jordan – Travel Nurse

We Strive to Make It Easy For You

We Offer Lots of Great Benefits

Relocation Assistance

SVS Medical Staffing offers a comprehensive relocation assistance program tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. Our team of experienced relocation specialists provides support through every step of the process.

Great Benefits

SVS Medical Staffing provides comprehensive benefits to travel nurses. Our team of experienced relocation specialists offers support throughout the entire process, from refining resumes to finding your dream location.

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